Yes! We are Sprouters, we talk about the Sprout... and Sprouts.
Will you get Sprouted?

For us, one Sprout is one idea. The rest you can figure out , isn't?
Our goal is all about Sprinky ideas, and we're working on some stunning Sprouts!

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We don't have only amazing ideas, we even want them to look great.


What the heck is Sproutink?

Sproutink is something we have in our open-minded heads.
And soon we will put it in your life.

Our secret (for now) is some kind of Hub for media (ideas, information & social networks), thats all we can say right now. We would love to share more about Sproutink, but for now we won't.
Let us enjoy our treasure a bit more!

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We don't like secrets.
We love transparency!

But Sproutink needs some special treatment, at least for now.

Business is business! (Sorry!)



We're quite sure, you would be a Proud user of Sproutink.

But hey, for now we can't be sure about this. Srpoutink isn't out yet, so you can't get it and become Proud… And once launched, you have to decide at your own… but "hey" again, be sure we will try (almost) all we can in order to get you Proud (Sproutinker).

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Nope. You can't get Sproutink right now.
Because our slogan is "Just the way you like". You don't like "shitty" stuff, isn't?
So let us work a little bit more...


We are Sprouters!

We are Sprouting from Spain.
Yes, not a "amazing" location known for innovation or technology. But does location really matter? We don't think so. We are Dutch, Swiss, German (and so on…) people. Even Spanish. For us, what really matters is "illusion" and "nice people". Because only "lovely dudes" are able to do Sprinky Stuff (without "killing" or "boring" themselves).

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Say hello Sproutink!


Goal One: Store your data in the rack.
Always ready.

Goal Two: Get Streamed the content you need.
Always up to date.

Goal Three: Set up and get quality.
Always just the way you like™.